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But when cases get tossed that’s also regrettable, according to Prutschi, because the “complainants who have brought forward those offences and the public that expects there to be a trial on that basis will never get one.” Steven Skurka, who is also a CTV legal analyst, said the delays are happening across the country because there aren’t enough courts, there aren’t enough judges, and lawyers “aren’t as efficient as they should be.” Skurka said the stayed murder charges should be a “huge wake-up call” for governments who fund the system and for lawyers who request delays or take longer than is needed to prepare their cases.

In 1968, he was a lonely sixth-grader from Long Island when he met James Dallmann, a Harvard graduate who taught geography at the all-boys private school in West Newton and was an avid photographer. He made the boy his apprentice and encouraged him to visit the teacher’s bedroom in their dorm at Moore Hall after lights out to learn how to use his makeshift darkroom.

The teacher photographed Starr and delighted the boy by giving him the twin-lens Minolta.

Advertisement Then one night, Starr said, Dallmann served him a mix of Tang and vodka, got him to pose naked for pictures on a bed, and performed oral sex on him.

In last July’s decision, the Supreme Court set out 18 months for provincial court offences and 30 months for cases before superior courts as the reasonable delay. Prutschi said that it is “incredibly traumatic” to be charged with a crime, so it is unreasonable for an accused -- who may be innocent and could be jailed pending trial -- to wait too long.

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This video interview with sexual abuse survivor Steven Starr contains content that some viewers may find disturbing. So far this year, at least eight New England private schools have launched or disclosed sexual misconduct investigations. George’s School in Rhode Island, Taft School in Connecticut, Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, Thayer Academy in Braintree, and Concord Academy in Concord — have led to staff members being placed on administrative leave or fired. At least 67 private schools in New England have faced accusations since 1991 that staffers sexually abused or harassed more than 200 students, the Spotlight Team found through an examination of court cases, as well as interviews with alumni, relatives, school officials, and attorneys.

At least 90 lawsuits or other legal claims have been filed on behalf of the alleged victims, and at least 37 school employees were fired or forced to resign because of the allegations.

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